Monday, 28 February 2011

The girl who hid in bins.

Currently doing a project writing/ illustrating my own childrens book to enter in the Macmillan Prize. The competition is fierce as its open to everyone in higher education but hey even a chance of winning the top prize of £1000 would be nice.
The basis of the competition is to Illustrate a children's book for around the age of 5. Either creating your own story or doing original images to a traditional story. He's some of the images from entrants of previous years;


All these won a prize or were 'highly commended' so I'm not getting my hopes up when I'm against this standard  of Illustration, but I'm looking forward to start illustrating my story. I wanted to base it on something that happened to me as a child, such as me loving to hide in bins. Its shaping up to be a cautionary tale for children not to hide from their parents but who know what it might turn into, the stories not overly important as long as the drawings show a narrative in an interesting and original way. Hopefully have some initial sketches to put up in the next week. 

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